Admiral's Order, Naval Tactics in the Age of Sail!!

A board game by Strategema-Games

design, rules and instructions by  Mario Jugel


Admiral’s Order is a simulation of naval engagements between ships-of-the-line and frigates in the Age of Fighting Sail. The focus of the game lies on the wars between Britain and France and her allies in the years 1775 to 1815.


Admiral's Order,  "Edition 74" 

74 handcrafted wooden ships, seven scenarios, 14 settings

Battle of Cape Henry,  16 ships-of-the-line,
16th March 1781
Frigates Blanche vs. La Pique,
5th January 1795
Frigates Lowestoffe & Dido vs. Minerve & Artémise,
24th June 1795
Battle between Droits de l’Homme and the Frigates Indefatigable & Amazon,
13th January 1797
Fight in close quarters, Mars vs. Hercule,
21th March 1798
“Calder’s Action”
Cape Finisterre, 35 ships-of-the-line
22nd March 1805
“Strachan’s Action”
Cape Ortegal, with 12 vessels
4th November 1805


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